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In order to minimize the reliance on pesticides and reduce pest populations, a Reduced Impact Pest Control operator may recommend that you consider the sanitation or physical alteration of your work place or residence. It is your responsibility to follow those recommendations. Your pest control operator may or may not offer these services upon request. A proper inspection will provide the information necessary for you to choose the method of pest control which best suits your situation. Many pest problems can be solved without using pesticides.

The Reduced Impact Service will include an inspection report and treatment recommendations. You should review these and keep a copy for your records. Your cooperation in following the recommendations made by your service provider is essential to a reduced impact service program.

Pesticides may be used in a responsible and professional manner in a reduced impact pest control service. If you do not want a specific pesticide used or any pesticides used at all, you must note this in writing on the contract prior to the initiation of the service. If any specific pesticide or class of pesticides are not excluded, it may be used by the provider.